the end, and then some new

Winter, that woe-inducing wonder of a season, is upon us. After the ice storm, we lost power for 5 days, which meant our apartment slowly became a cold, dark cave. Candles were my closest companions during that troubling time. It’s all hunky dory now, though.

(Thank goodness)

Oh, hello there 2014. Nice to meet you.

snow legs b gifts c beans blankets best breakfast beans frames c mirror specs tattoo c specs moon bunting


Toronto   –    Canada

Home    Sweet    Home

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  1. I found your Amsterdam article on dandyhorse through googling today. Loved the article, looks like we live close to each other, I live on Raglan Ave. the comment section on dandyhorse didn’t work so I thought I’d track you down and let you know how great it was!

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