Here, there and everywhere.
I’m keen on being out and about.
My camera likes to tag along.
Here’s proof.


IMG_1240 casually beautiful – British Columbia

IMG_2538 west is best – Seattle, Portland, San Francisco 


IMG_4050 a-go-go – Chicago

IMG_6245 crisp autumn big apple – New York

IMG_4866 eastern finds – Europe

IMG_5624 fancy fiets – Amsterdam, Berlin


moon bunting the end, and then some new – Toronto, Ontario

dunes finery – Grand Bend, Ontario

IMG_7948 softer skies – Halton Hills, Ontario

IMG_8118 the blues – Ward’s Island, Ontario

montreal 12 smile end – Montreal, Quebec

SCH_portfolio19 a tune or two – Toronto, Ontario

IMG_8381 unintentional moons – Toronto, Ontario

Freunde-von-Freunden-Ryan-Dodgson-093 a few funny faces – Toronto, Ontario

autumnal roll6 city sweets – New York

autumnal roll 2 autumnal roll – Toronto, Hamilton, Ontario


times 4 end times – Toronto, New York

IMG_0222 and the cat’s name was Esteban – Montreal, Quebec

pinery in the pines – Grand Bend, Ontario

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